Mrs. Cropper's Class

Cropper Susan L

5th Grade Berlin Intermediate School

Mrs. Cropper's Class

Welcome Back

Wow! It's amazing that it is 2018! Thank you all for your continued support!


Class List

  • The students' names listed below are in our homeroom

Zakhari Baker            Axel Beck              Jayden Bodon          Sergio Bravo-Cocone       Michaela Brown        Ashton Cherivvtch

Ester Diaz Ortega     Cassius Franklin      Richard Gaunt III      Marisa Hearne                 Cole Jarman              Bryleigh Johnston

Ava Lynch                 Marlow Maxa           Aya Mejber               Leean Omar                   Rachel Plata Arce     Devin Poole

Landon Schul           Jayden Ukari            Alexander Ward       Lillian Zalewski                 Shahed Othman


Social Studies

French and Indian War study stacks

Causes of revolution study stacks

You will have Social Studies every other week. Each week you will be given a factsheet with the homework on it, as well as information that you need to study for the quiz at the end of the week.


You should be reading for 20 minutes each night recording the title and page in your agenda. Recording what you are reading is part of your homework grade for reading.